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Name Badge Epiroc

In stock:
58 pcs

Ballpoint Pen

In stock:
11600 pcs


In stock:
2975 pcs

Metal Pen

In stock:
1013 pcs

Notebook A5

In stock:
3069 pcs

A5 Notepad

In stock:
928 pcs

Metal USB 8GB

In stock:
6882 pcs

Webcamera cover

In stock:
3400 pcs


In stock:
11332 pcs

Epirocs Drink Stones

In stock:
9 pcs

Multitool Key Cover

In stock:
2830 pcs

Bottle Opener BP 2050

In stock:
310 pcs


In stock:
53 Kilo

Chocolate squares

In stock:
9300 pcs

Chocolate squares, in gift box

In stock:
25 pcs

Metal Pin

In stock:
1287 pcs

Paper Cup FSC certified


In stock:
3174 pcs

Water bottle

In stock:
3487 pcs

Event Specific Items

Thermo mug

In stock:
0 pcs

Emergency Car Adapter

In stock:
1829 pcs

Bluetooth Speaker Decibel

In stock:
718 pcs

Exceeding industry standards. Manufacturers are chosen based on their commitment to high sustainability and ethical standards. 
A useful and stylish 2-in-1 multifunction lanyard with a integrated charging cable. Works for both iPhone and devices with Micro USB, all in the same contact!

2-in-1 Lanyard

Power Bank

In stock:
134 pcs

USB Memory 8 GB CB 2500

In stock:
120 pcs

Anti-skimming Shield Card

In stock:
349 pcs


In stock:
1702 pcs

X6 Micro Tool

In stock:
883 pcs

Multi-function Pen

In stock:
1462 pcs

Key ring with opener

In stock:
0 pcs

Led Mini Loop Keyring

In stock:
2312 pcs

Flashlight Mr Watt

In stock:
0 pcs

Stone Shaped Stress Ball

In stock:
345 pcs

Air freshener hydraulic breaker

In stock:
11290 pcs

Large Umbrella

In stock:
659 pcs

BackPack Bag Modern

In stock:
823 pcs

Shoulder bag Modern

In stock:
1006 pcs

Gift Bag Small

In stock:
9325 pcs

Gift bag

In stock:
7640 pcs

PP woven bag

In stock:
2121 pcs

Recycled Plastic Bag

In stock:
14900 pcs

Hard Hat Reflective Decal

In stock:
2790 pcs

Wall Clock - Stone

In stock:
283 pcs

Hand Applicator

In stock:
41 pcs

Wall Sign

In stock:
100 pcs


In stock:
1705 pcs

Junior Cap grey

In stock:
272 pcs

Yellow Cap

In stock:
350 pcs

Cap Grey

In stock:
19850 pcs


In stock:
3984 pcs

Winter hat

In stock:
3000 pcs

Silk tie

In stock:
207 pcs

Men´s Gray Polo Shirt

Ladies Gray Polo Shirt

Mens Gray T-shirt

Ladies Gray T-shirt

T-shirt Women - Elevate

T-shirt Men - Elevate

Polo shirt Women - Elevate

Polo shirt Men - Elevate

Business Shirt White

Ladies Business Shirt White

Scuba Hooded Sweat

Ladies Scuba Hooded Sweat

Knitted Fleece Jacket

Ladies Power Fleece

Men's Power Fleece

Men's Light Padded Jacket

Mens Black Softshell Jacket

Ladies Black Softshell Jacket

Winter Jacket

Ladies Winter Jacket

Table Flag

Flag 180 x 115 cm

In stock:
51 pcs

Flag 240 x 150 cm

In stock:
67 pcs

HB 10000 Epiroc Branded

In stock:
119 pcs

Epiroc FR Coverall

Epiroc High-Vis Trousers

Safety helmet

In stock:
12 pcs

Safety Eyewear

High-visibility Safety Vest

Hats for HAT division

  • Total: 83

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